Humorous Wedding Speech: I Say I Love You

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I know I’m over my head when I say I love you. And when I say I want to marry you and make you my everything. But I can’t help but give it a try, so tonight baby, I going to make it work all I ask is for one time, and baby I won’t let you down. You’ll never find love like this, I’m all you need. I won’t back down. I can’t help the way I love you. You complete me and every way I can imagine. Baby you’re my world, and everything. I won’t back down. You found me over time; it took a lot of heartache and pain. But now you don’t have to worry, I’m here to save you from your loneliness. Baby, I know over time out love will build into something wonderful and beautiful. Just let me show that I can make you happy, I’ll give you all my love and trust.
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