Humorous Wedding Speech: What Is It Really Important To Me?

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My SHIELD speech in my opinion went relatively well. I know how much time I put into preparation and how my topic was unique to me and something I liked. This topic was easy to talk about and I could have talked a lot longer. I prepared with confidence practicing during class and once a night every night for a week before. On the night before I practiced maybe ten times though out of nervousness. I felt confident in front of my audience, yet I felt like my face got hot and my body went almost numb like I was stuck and couldn 't move. I held it up and continued with my speech and after I was done I could finally breathe again and relax more. I felt like my visual was something that was very well done. I spent a lot of time on it and was very worried about it. I feel like I had plenty of information that was good. I think I was interested in what I was saying and spoke clearly. I had very good interesting stories and connections that people saw and it just really showed people about my life. The thing that I need to work on is keep a pace and stick to it. I slowed down, as Mr. Stauffer said which I agree with and that’s why I went over my time. While rehearsing I…show more content…
A place where I would need to describe myself in a real life situation might include going to a job application. Even though you wouldn 't go into detail, they might want to know more about your life other than what 's online or whatever you already filled out. Another area for an introduction to yourself is on a date. During a date to keep conversation flowing you need to talk about yourself and even stories about yourself like I did during the speech. Overall I think I did a good job and enjoyed doing this and have become more comfortable giving speeches already. For my next speeches I 'm excited to see what other problems emerge and what issues I can fix and improve on. I know that there are a lot of other areas that I am excited to talk about and share because I am passionate about a lot of

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