Humorous Wedding Speech: Who Am I?

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I thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to receive this award. But before I get really into thanking everyone I would like to say a few words first about who I truly am and how I came to the spot I am in now. Is personal branding a term that has once come up in your life? Personal branding is a term that has been starting to pop more and more in my life. In personal branding, your brand is represented by your traits. I have traits that I would want to talk about and one of the five traits I would like to talk about is why I think I am honest. I feel like in general, I don’t have anything to hide from people and I feel lying, in general, makes things worse than better. I also think that I am brave because sometimes when people don’t want to do something or too afraid to do it. I usually see myself doing it. I also think that I am a generally funny person because I usually laugh every day and that goes for other people around me. I just make my friends laugh to have a good time. I also think that I am loving because I feel no hate fo anyone off the bat if I don’t know them and I also think hate is a strong word so to really use the word hate you just have to…show more content…
I don’t see a gap between my traits. But the only one I was surprised not for people to say was humor. But that is not a huge gap for me because being funny is not as important as the other traits that I was given and that I have. The only skill that I had that was completely said over and over was creativity. For me, being creative on a scale of 1-10 I would have to be a 6. I don’t really think that I am the most creative person on the earth but I still consider myself kind of creative. As for the rest of the skills, at the top of my list, I feel that if I put more focus on some other traits like being responsible and a being a person that is very respectful. I feel like that would build me up as a person in
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