Humorous Wedding Speech: Why I Go Back To My Cages

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Hi everyone, my name’s Dale! When you first come up to my cage, I’m more than likely going to start barking and maybe even growl at you . However, once you get me out of my cage, and start talking to me, I’ll start warming up to you. in fact once I have warmed up to you, you’ll see just how friendly of a dog I actually am. I especially love when people give me affection, and will wag my tail and give a few kisses to show my appreciation. I also enjoy when someone takes me outside, where I can run around and play with toys such as balls, ropes, stuffed toys, and squeaky toys, in order to burn off some of my access energy. I was an inside/outside dog, and I’ve only had a little bit of house training, so I still have a few accidents from time
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