Humorous Wedding Speeches

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Welcome everybody to this beautiful wedding! I am so honored to be standing up here right now. Look at this beautiful couple "can 't you feel the love tonight" radiating off these two? Most of you already know me but for those of you who don 't, I 'm Amber. Michelle and I have been best friends for 11yrs. When she asked me to be her matron of honor I started looking up ideas for speeches the one thing I learned is you cannot embarrass the bride... Well "Michelle, you got a friend in me" because I won 't be embarrassing you tonight.... I can 't tell any stories though because all the stories worth being told are embarrassing both to Michelle and me. Those who know us know how incredibly true that is. What I will say is Michelle, I love you and look up to you so much. I am honored to be standing next to you on this special day.
Jerry: you are the perfect man for my best friend and the reason I know that is you can put up with Michelle and me which is an added bonus but with all seriousness you see Michelle for Michelle. You embrace her; you let her be herself; no judging and with as little eye rolling as possible. Some one who will sit and listen to her movie quotes and say them right back at her.
Let 's be honest anyone working at sonic with both of you knew you guys would end up together. You both "ventured outside your comfort zones and the rewards are worth it" that quotes means so much and especially today because without both of you leaving your comfort zones none of us would not be here celebrating you two and the love you have. I am so thankful you both were "true to your hearts".
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"Love is what makes life Devine" so with that I know your lives together will be rich and filled with so much love.
I have one request before we toast, Jerry "just kiss the girl"
So here is to my amazing best friend and her equally amazing husband! I cannot wait to see where God takes you two! I love you
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