Humsafar Trust Case Study

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The Humsafar Trust, started in 1994 is a community based organisation of self identified Gay men, MSM, Transgender, Hijras and LBT persons. The organisation works on issues of sexuality, gender, health and human rights through four thematic ideas: health, advocacy, research and capacity building of sexual minority groups.
A brochure we got from the organisation very rightly says 'come home to Humsafar where your identity is a reason for pride and not a reason to hide'. At a time when America has made same sex marriage legal, where there is a wider wave of revolution going through, I hardly feel that the acceptance level LGBT community has increased drastically. We stereotype them, avoid them, treat them as unacceptable and what not. The other day only I came through a piece of news that said a college in Calcutta appointed their new principal from the transgender community. That's also India's first transgender college principal. I was very happy to read that but still that
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Not only people who are from the LGBT community come here but also people who are unsure about their sexuality come here and are provided appropriate counselling. Also if the client asks, family counselling is also provided. It would be appropriate to say that authorities at HST are ready to support you in every possible way. You just have to extend one starting step.
To sum up HST has many projects working under it such as 'Gaurav' for male sex workers, 'Sanjavani' for MSM and transgender with HIV, 'Umang' for LBT community among others. What this organisation is doing is surely appreciable and its mere survival since last 20 years is an achievement for it. This was my first interaction with such an organisation and surely a memorable one. I loved the experience. I really enjoy Monday's because that mean a new organisation, new stories and new

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