Beauty In Beuty And The Beast

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After the release of the Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1996, the public was outraged by the both, offensive title and the ultimate moral message it conveys about people with disabilities (Norden, 2013, 163) embeded with questions such as: is beauty really skin deep, can people who do not have external beauty experience true love, how masculine of feminine are the representations of these characters? After the representation of a character as an animal in Beuty and the Beast, Disney decided to explore the stereotype of handicapped people in the society and how they find their true self through the process of self-actualization. Norden suggested that disability studies scholars found a paradigm which explains the status of a disabled person as a…show more content…
On the other hand, he is clearly showing interest in female character evident in the song about his inner battle about the sexual feelings towards her: “ ... why I see her dancing there,/ why her smouldering eyes still scorch my soul?/ I feel her,/ I see her./ The sun caught in her raven hair/ is blazing in me out of all control./ Like fire,/ hellfire,/ this fire in my skin,/ this burning desire,/ it's turning me to sin...“ He wants to repress the sexual urges he feels, considering himself “purer“ than the “common, vulgar, weak, liscentious crowd“ and therefore condemning the biological needs as deviant and abnormal. However, he tries to justify them in the song: “ ... it's not my fault,/ I'm not to blame,/ it's the Gipsy girl,/ the witch who set this flame./ It's not my fault,/ if in God's plan,/ he made the devil so much stronger than the man.“ He is denying his instincs and refused to be like other men, guided by lust and sex, which could disturb his image of power. (Davis, 2013, 227-228) Foucault argued, in The History of Sexuality, that the repression of sex is embeded in human history, among other, through Catholic belief that the body should be detested and sex considered as a taboo which is still present
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