Hung Movie Hung Ho Reflection

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For this paper I will be explaining how the movie Hung Ho we wantched in class applies to international business and everthing I have learned in class this semester. I will also talk about how and what they did well and, what they should have done to make things better.
The way that this movie applies to international business is by culture. As I was watching the movie and see the American employees and the Japanese management they could not manage to get alone and this is because of culture difference. The Japanese management were expecting the American workers to be like Japanese people. They were not understanding that there are differences in japan then in the United States. The workers will not work over time if they don’t get pay for it. This is one of the things that is different because in japan the workers would work for $8 and hour they would work seven days a week with unpaid overtime this is what the Japanese were expecting the workers to be like. There’s was lots of problems with this company because the worker and the managers they were both from different countries and could not manage. The workers didn’t want to work the way that the Japanese manager wanted them to work. This movie shows that there are tremendous problems when two different group of people try to work together. In this movie there are many scenes that shows individual and collective business culture difference between japan and the American. Another thing I notice while watching this movie

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