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Hungary is a Central European nation, bordered by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The capital and largest city of Hungary is Budapest. Through doing a lot of research on Hungary and the many different maps and sorts of information that I had found on this country through and other sources, I found a lot of things about Hungary that I thought to be interesting or unique in some way. For example, Hungary is a landlocked region that is located in Central Europe. Before doing this assignment I never knew what "landlocked" meant but now that I do that is something that I found to be interesting. Hungary's borders are: Slovakia in the north, Romania and Ukraine in the east, Austria to the west,…show more content…
Hungary is also home to the largest natural grassland in Europe, which is the Hortobagy National Park, and is also home to the largest thermal lake in Central Europe, and the largest thermal water cave system in the continent.I always thought that Hungary was such a tiny country when in reality it is actually a pretty decent size. I found it to be very interesting that Hungary is run very similar to how the United States of America is run when is comes to politics and what not. In Hungary there are two leaders: the President who is the Head of State, and the Prime Minister as who is the Head of Government. Another thing that really surprised me was that Hungary is one of the most visited countries in Europe and even in the world and they have all kids of unique tourists places such as the Buda Castle, which holds many different museums, and the Medieval Castle District. There is also a large number of monuments and different recreational things also such as the three opera houses. I wouldn't have imagined a place like Hungary to have such great schooling systems and for the people that lied there to be so smart. The adult literacy rate in Hungary is about

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