The Effects Of World Hunger

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“Fifty percent of all child deaths are involved in undernourishment”(‘Facts About Hunger And Poverty’). Fifty percent is a huge number, especially when it comes to child deaths. Many people do not pay attention to their surroundings and often do not care that there are people in this world who are dying because of hunger. World Hunger all around our planet is mainly caused by food wastage, but by remembering to not waste after eating, can change everything.
World Hunger around the earth is resulting in many people suffering and even dying. Out of the seven billion people in this world, 815 million are hungry. Starting at Asia being the most undernourished, then Africa being the second most undernourished. “Ninety-eight percent of the world’s
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When someone is not having enough food, their immune system weakens, therefore disease is more common. “Hunger and malnutrition make the body weak and vulnerable to diseases and infections”(‘What Are the Effects of Hunger?’). Therefore, their body is at higher risk of getting sick since they cannot fight off infection very well. Also, since their immune system is weaker than it should be, at times of disaster, for example a hurricane or tsunami, the person would not be able to survive very easily. It would take all the energy and effort they have left in their bodies to get out safely. In order to have energy, food is much needed. Food provides nutrients for the body, which provides energy for the person to function. No food, no energy, not much movement. Another effect of hunger would be not being able to develop correctly. “Globally, 155 million children under five years old, still suffer from stunting”(‘Know Your World’). Too many children are stunted, meaning at a certain point in a child’s life, they can suddenly stop growing, or slow down, therefore not being able to grow up like they should. 226 million children are stunted shorter than they should. Sixty-seven million children weigh less than they should. These poor children should have had the opportunity to fully grow up. Stunting is caused by the mother of the child. The mother did not have the correct food while pregnant,…show more content…
The best way to end hunger and poverty on our planet is to mobilize these people. “Many organizations are helping people in poor countries to gain access to credit”(‘10 Effective World Hunger Solutions’). Someone needs to move the unlucky and hungry people to the United States for example, or maybe Europe if it is not too expensive. There, the volunteered teams will feed them, educate them and help them start a new job. Everyone must have an opportunity to start over. Live somewhere peaceful and happy, where the children can have a chance to go to college even. Then, if there are just too many people to move, the teams can teach the leftover people how to farm, therefore they can grow their own food. To help start these ideas, there needs to be a charity group to help pay for everything. Reasons why this could be a downfall, is that local Americans or Europeans could get annoyed with all of these new people around. “On the African continent, nearly one in every four human beings is malnourished”(‘Solution to World Hunger’). That is a lot of people that may be coming to America and for whatever reason, some people may not want them. Another reason is that the locals could again, be annoyed with these people because they will be taking many jobs that the locals might need as well. Not only do the desperate people, like the
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