Hunger-Free Kids Act Essay

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In the year 2010, President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama created the “Hunger-Free Kids Act” of 2010, which has created problems among students. In the year 2012, Michelle Obama also created the “Let’s Move Campaign” in order to reduce childhood obesity, and to give students access to healthy food in their school lunches. The “Hunger-Free Kids Act” means that no student should go hungry, and the “Let’s Move Campaign” makes the lunches healthier. Unfortunately, due to the quality and quantity of the meals that the students now receive, more kids are refusing to eat school lunches, and remain hungry during school hours. Not only does this outrage students, it also infuriates parents, teachers and staff as well. In the articles:…show more content…
According to Solochek, “a salad bar at a high school in Florida is popular, but eight of the 12 students interviewed there said that they were not satisfied with the portion sizes” (Citation). This is a big problem in many school cafeterias’. Solochek mentions that “School districts around the country are tackling complaints about the new nutrition rules that took effect, adding more fruits and vegetables, but shrinking other portion sizes to limit grains, proteins and calories” (Citation). While attending community college, I got the chance to interview a cafeteria worker who told me that all junior high and high school students, including athletes, get the same portion size as elementary students, this is why the big kids stay hungry. In Solochek’s article, he interviewed regular students and athletes who said they either by a second lunch, or buy from an outside source such as a vending machine. Parents are outraged at this situation because they have to provide their kids with extra money, or food to make up for what the schools aren’t doing. The students that have to put up with these horrible meals want to be heard, and in order to do that they have two good options: voice their opinions, or throw the food away. Sure these issues bother students and parents, but they even bother government officials, and the members of student lunch
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