Hunger Games And Divergent: A Dystopian Film

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While in both movies, Hunger Games and Divergent, share similar characteristics of a dystopian genre, they do not take on the same features as each other. This is usually because the structure is rigid and predictable although there can be certain differences. These differences and similarities could be their themes, setting or costumes that are used in the novel or film.
In the Hunger Games and Divergent, the theme of rebellion is seen throughout the film. As man once said “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty”. In the movie Hunger games, it shown through Katniss when she believes that the Hunger Games is injustice and wrong instead of a game that reminds every one of the previous rebellion. She had ‘individuality’ which is considered rebellious although this occurs in most dystopian genre based movies. Divergent also includes rebellion by having Tris be a divergent that is considered a threat to the government. These movies have something in common; flaws in the government. They aren’t so different when Katniss and Tris see the government with plenty of defects unlike an average person, who see nothing of it. That shows that the characters are different and stand out more.
Costume plays a big part in these films. In Divergent; they have their own factions which have wardrobes that
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Typically, there would be something original (a place), that would look dull, futuristic and the natural world be banished. Dystopian settings are usually more electronic than usual because it is occurring in real life, which gives ideas to the creators. In the world that Divergent is set in, they are too, shut from the outside world. This pattern also occurs in Hunger Games. They have electric fences to prevent anyone from exiting their district. The government in both texts are very protective and expect a utopia. Instead an illusion of a perfect world is
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