The Hunger Games Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Eckerd, Marcia. "Should Children See Hunger Games?" .People skills: Health, Help, Happiness Find a Therapist, Psychology Today, 24 Mar. 2012. Web. 20 Oct. 2014. In her article, “Should Children see Hunger Games” Marcia Eckerd, who has a PhD in psychology, claimed that the violence in the “Hunger Games” could impact our children, so she obviously wanted to provide parents with information about violence in movies. She proved by first demonstrating that the “Hunger Games” has a PG-13 rating which means that the move has some material may not be suitable for children , then explaining why we should prevent
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"Learning, literacy, feminism: empowering reluctant readers using The Hunger Games." Science Daily. Science Daily, 21 November 2013. <>. In their research, "Learning, literacy, feminism: empowering reluctant readers using The Hunger Games.”, Taylor and Francis company, is a company that is located in the UK and the founder is Richard Taylor and Francis is a writer, indicated that the “Hunger Games” books provided mixed messages with respect to gender stereotypes, also the fiction that was provided can have a dramatic impact on young people’s minds by reading them. They developed their claim by first defining the term girl’s empowerment and how the movie has showed the real meaning of this term, then they showed that most girls did not like the way that the “Hunger Games” mixed the gender roles in it. Finally, there was a study indicated that most girls did not accept the way in which that the movie was disrupted gendered norms. Taylor`s and Francis`s, who are writers in the company, showed their purpose by explaining why many of us wanted to have their own attributes and how it could change their ways in life in order to success in their careers. They established a hopeful tone for teens especially girls to embrace their gender norms. This research is significant to my analysis because it allows me to know what the girls think about gender…show more content…
"Seven." The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love. First ed. Vol. 7. New York: Washington Square, 2004. 107. Print. Bell Hooks is an American author, also she has an American book award. In her book especially chapter seven which is about “Feminist Manhood”, Bell indicated that many young women fear if they call themselves feminist, they will not be attracted to men anymore, but the truth that feminism does not hurt men. She proved her claim by explaining the women role in the society, and giving example in women who have jobs that could help the whole community, then she said that females are pillars of our community if the pillar collapse, the whole community will shut down. Finally, she thinks that the problem comes from males who have done many examples which consider against women, and blame them that the problem from them. Bell`s purpose is to explain women role in the community in order to make it obviously for men to think many times and understand women role. She established a hopeful tone for men to tell them that women movements do not impact men`s lives in a bad way. This book`s chapter is significant to my analysis because it shows how women is important in our lives, and we are not supposed to play with genders roles as making women tend for male traits or males tend to feminize
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