Hunger Games Comparison And Contrast

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Tracey Flerlage Professor Karen Johnson Communications Cluster Compare and Contrast Essay August 4, 2015 “The Hunger Games” trilogy is constantly being compared to “Divergent” and with great reason, they share many commonalities. They are both great movies to watch that keep the movie goer engaged in the storyline. Both science fiction movies create a dystopian scenario of what it would be like in a futuristic setting. Both societies have been segregated, “Divergent” into factions and “Hunger Games” into districts. Both movies exhibit teenage girls stepping out of their comfort zone, who are considered to be a protagonist, to partake in rituals that are extremely violent. These rituals could potentially be life threatening. Many facets of the main characters reflect their personality differences and similarities. The Hunger Games series is set in a similar world, but where 1984 is a world entirely void of hedonism, Panem is all about fun for the masses in the form of a fight-to-death style game show, somewhere between the Romans ' idea of 'Bread and Circus ' and Takami 's 1996 novel 'Battle Royale '. It has plenty of action and draws its inspiration from a variety of sources, the myth of Theseus, Thomas Hardy, Robin Hood, The Great depression, The Goddess…show more content…
Both of these characters are different because Katniss really likes the attention, which is portrayed at the capital, as she stands out among her peer tributes and Tris likes to be socially accepted as she enters into the Divergent faction. These characters were able to choose their destiny based on their personality. The theme explored in the “Hunger Games” was violence, corruption, and the defiant authority. Katniss wasn’t able to choose what district she wanted to be in because she lived in the district that she was born in. In “Divergent” the theme was to follow your heart despite the consequences. Districts and Factions themselves are completely different as to how they are portrayed in
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