Hunger Games Movie Vs Book

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The famous novel The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins. The book was published on September 14, 2008 and became an award winning nominee in 2012. In this book, the main protagonist Katniss Everdeen volunteered as a tribute for her younger sister Primrose Everdeen in the Hunger Games. When the theaters announced that the award- winning book was about to be launched, everyone knew that the movie and the book would be different. The main plots of the book that was different from the book were the scene where Katniss was leaving District 12, the “mutt scene” , and the new version of Seneca Crane, the gamemaker. These three main plots show the difference between the book and the movie. At the beginning of the book, Katniss meets up with Gale, Prim, her mother, and Peeta’s father. The group was allowed up to a couple of minutes to say their goodbyes. Peeta’s father gave Katniss a bag of cookies, but Katniss got paranoid and threw the bag of cookies away in the trash bin. In the movie’s version, the family gets two minutes to say goodbye to each other. Peeta’s father, Mr. Mellark, did not show up in the motion …show more content…

There were differences between the book and the movie that some people had noticed. The scene where Katniss is leaving, the character differences, and the role of the mutts. The movie creates the scene a bit more dramatic when Katniss leaves for Panem, she receives only two minutes to say her goodbyes. The movie’s version of Seneca Crane was different, the book mostly talks about the real main antagonist President Snow, but the movie made it seem like Seneca was the real antagonist. The mutts from the book explained that the failed tributes’ genetics were incorporated into the mutts. However, just looking at the movie there were not any characteristics at all. Just from this saying it is obvious that there are always differences from the book when a movie is being

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