Hunger Games Rhetorical Analysis

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reversed answers about pregnancy Katniss Peeta, no plans have been set up by her along with Katniss, namely to attract the sympathy of the audience Hunger Games. And apparently it worked. After hearing the answer delivered Peeta, the audience reacted. With a voice that overlap each other, they shouted seilah accusation to the Capitol about how cruel they are if they continue this game, given the current state of Katniss. This opportunity is an opportunity for Katniss and Peeta especially to get support from the audience who felt sorry for them, especially for Katniss. Because when participants in the Hunger Games have the support of some citizens who become spectators Capitol Hunger Games, of course they will get help in any time in the arena later. Katniss lies about pregnancy turned out to be very useful for her and Peeta. That was proven when they were hit by a sense dehydration sweat and dries their throats, when Haymitch sent aid to them…show more content…
Although initially they did not know where it came the silver parachute, but Peeta pick it up and see what was inside. And it turns out the contents of the object that just landed in front of them is a little long metal with a shaped tapered at the ends. By questioning the function of small metal being played her in the palm of his hand, Katniss assume that the parachute silver received her and her friends is a relief obtained from the cooperation between Haymitch the mentor of mentors from District 4 , considering they are allies in the
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