Hunger Games Symbolism Analysis

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Imagine being in a society where the government takes full control over authority and people with having limited freedom. There is no one that can do whatever they please to do or even to leave their hometown to go to a different country. In the story, The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins opens up the readers mind to actually see what the true symbols throughout the book are. The main protagonist Katniss goes through a handful of obstacles that affected her and where she came from. Facing those obstacles led her to see the bigger things that surround her and how it reflects on her as a person. Three forms of symbolism that involve Katniss are the thirteen districts that surround her, the hunger games, and a mocking jay pin. The symbolisms that were mentioned play an important role in Katniss society and principles. The thirteen districts of Panem show the separation of society throughout the story, but fall under one specific government. The author represents this to show what Katniss has to face and the dictatorship in their government, also known as the Capitol which the thirteen districts surrounds. The thirteen districts have strictly followed rules, just like how the government does. Collins conveyed this to the colonial period where the North America was split into thirteen colonies just like how in the story they are split into thirteen districts. What the thirteen districts and the thirteen colonies had in common is that they both were under a cruel system
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