Hunger Games Vs Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Due to the fact that the Capitol and Jack are the main antagonists of the works, they can be paralleled. While Jack unites the boys to administer his authority, the Capitol attempts to create division between the people to impose their dominion. “The Career Tributes tend to gather rowdily around one table, as if to prove their superiority, that they have no fear of one another and consider the rest of us beneath notice. Most of the other tributes sit alone like lost sheep” Page 97. This passage illustrates how the authorities create division between the districts in order to establish their reign. Indeed, in order to be more powerful, the government creates enmity between the people to part them. Thus making them more vulnerable in the mighty…show more content…
However, these various aftermaths are a result of one main outcome: power. By imposing fear, one becomes very powerful. However, the use of this excessive authority, causes one to be cruel and abusive. Through Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games, the atrocious consequence of fear can be observed. Indeed, both books display the awful consequence that may derive from fear. Indeed, both books show how through fright the people can be totally controlled. For instance, in Golding’s work, it is seen that when Jack finally obtains power, he gets abusive and violent. “ 'He 's going to beat Wilfred. ' 'What for? ' Robert shook his head doubtfully. 'I don 't know. He didn 't say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up. '” Page 159. This passage describes his first action as chief. When all the boys finally appoint Jack as chief, the latter does delay to show his true nature. As he was still battling Ralph to take his place as chief, Jack although demonstrating his wickedness; however he kept himself under…show more content…
The vocabulary is another important aspect of the authors’ writing styles. In their works, although using various methods of writing, William Golding and Suzanne Collins both use simple however very meaningful words to perpetuate their idea. Indeed, through their works it is seen that both authors make use of a raw language. For instance, when describing Simon’s death, Golding does not formulate full sentences. “At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.” page 153. This extract shows the spiritual state of the children. They were not humans anymore; they became the creature they most feared: the beast. Through words like: “rock”, “screamed”, “tore”, “ tearing of teeth”, “claws”, Golding portrays the transformation of the survivors: they became beasts. Hence, by the use of simple words, the author conveys a
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