Hunger In America Research Paper

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Philip Deocampo
Ms. Huntley
AP English Lit, Period 6
5 October 2015
Hunger and Its Impact on America In 2014 one in seven Americans are food insecure meaning that they go hungry for a day, don 't eat a full meal, or feed their children instead of themselves.(Just) The fact that anyone is starving in America doesn 't make us seem so great anymore. When everyday Americans hear the word hunger they think immediately associate it with the image of starving children in third world countries, but they never think of the hunger that 's impacting others right in front of them here in America. More often than not people in America are oblivious to the fact that people in America are starving and think that going to a soup kitchen or a food bank
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Surely without the help of the Government the lower class of America will only grow into instability and fall, which only gives us more incentive to help stop hunger in america. To understand why we need funding for food banks we have to know what they are and why their essential. By definition “A food bank is a nonprofit hunger relief organization that receives food donations that are stored away safely then distributed to the disadvantaged. Food banks are found in most communities and rely on donors and volunteers to carry out day-to-day operations. A food bank’s sole purpose is to help the hungry.”(what) On a more complex level a food bank is what people need to live and keeps their families barely sustainable until the time they can receive more food just to keep living from the next shipment of food to the next because without it the family would surely live a rigid lifestyle. Hunger prevents millions of Americans from living…show more content…
Another factor affecting hunger would be the injustice that America experiences. poverty has already been covered but race has yet to be discussed. America has always been known as the worlds “Stirring pot” but recent unrest in America shows how some races hold more privilege than others. While hunger doesn’t have boundaries it still has a heavier presence in other communities. For example “African Americans are more likely to suffer from food insecurity as their white, non-hispanic counter parts. They are disproportionately affected by unemployment and poverty as well.”(Feeding). Now the problem isn 't necessarily racism, but the problem stems from stereotypes and americas past. If America takes a look back on its past it wasn 't that long ago when segregation was norm and African Americans were treated drastically different compared today. But even though theses circumstances were changed there aftershock still affects the race as a whole. “In 2014, African-Americans were more than twice as likely to be unemployed (11%) as their, non-Hispanic counterparts (5%).”(Feeding). This Statistic shows that African Americans are likely to be less employed which means that they cant support themselves and their families which then leads to hunger. The hunger isn 't limited to just African Americans but, Latinos as well. Similarly to African Americans, Latinos are more than twice as likely to be food insecure than white, non-Hispanic
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