Hunger Problem In America

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Although hunger is a major problem, poverty is the driver of the problem. Hunger can affect the lives of the young and old, but what about the ones who are suffering from a larger problem. An alarming topic which no one is comfortable discussing is poverty. Poverty is defined as “lack of the means of providing material needs or comforts” according to the Webster’s II Dictionary (Soukhanou). Poverty can be individuals that lack a significant income that can bring food, shelter and other necessities to themselves or family. In the United States, the poverty level is based on an annual income figure that “in 1999 a family of four with an income below $16,954 was defined as poor; in 2006 the poverty line for a family of four was put at $20,614”…show more content…
Hunger with not meeting the nutritional needs and the medical complications that result from these conditions are the leading cause of death in the poverty population. This is a huge problem that needs to be brought to the attention of the public. Poverty breeds hunger and malnutrition. A congressional investigation in 1968 revealed a widespread hunger fest in the United States communities among the poor. Within the early 2000s these problems were still found in the majority of rural counties of central Appalachia, along with many other surrounding and similar areas (“Poverty”). Hunger is major problem especially in these places where the poor are plenty and food can be scarce for many. Poverty together with trying to deal with malnutrition and hunger can create larger problems for students especially when faced with school and having the burden of poverty to come home to. According to Shanker-Brown we have to keep expectations high at school in hopes that they do break out of poverty (Brown). Research shows that over time children suffer the effects of poverty both mentally and physically; it can affect development and general health. Students can suffer in the classroom from not doing their work on time or correctly, from not having the right materials needed at home or an environment to work on assignments. Consequently, low grades are very often seen with these types of situations. An organization that has tried to put an end to the hunger problem faced in these low income households is the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina located right here in
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