The Importance Of Hunger Relief

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Hunger Relief is one of the major Feed the Children program that carries the name of the organization and the vision of organization that states that “create a world where no child will go to bed hungry” keeping emphasis on feeding the children so as to enable them to stay in school to have education in different parts of the world. This program was identified during the crisis in U.S. where some families did not have enough to eat, when one of the child begged money to founder Ev. Larry Jones who saw the need of not only to help one beggar but enlarge the service and reach more people who are vulnerable to hunger problem.
Hunger relief program, was first started as the food rising for Haiti in 1964 in US so as to collect and gave to Haitians
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There is no clear problem identification, strategies on how to end are not well stated, rather the nature of how service delivery and program implementation based on much on media publicity and coverage on disaster which identify the need for emergency relief of food and medicals, shelter on affected areas rather than doing thoroughly research on local partners discussion, involvement and government, other civil society stakeholders on the demand for food to the hunger people in such particular country in a sustainable…show more content…
According to Charity watch (2009) shows that in 2008, “only 21-23% which was $ 63-65million was used to its program services while 54% which is equivalent to $ 125 million was spent in radio and television publicity”. The controversies has also noted by Finding the Universe(2005) that reported that in 1991 Save the children has sued Feed the Children for copyrights issues and other article concerning the exaggeration of its performance, due all the challenges, the Founder was terminated due to the consecutive scandal for investigation in
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