Hunger: The Hunger Problem In South Africa

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Hunger is the sensation of desiring food. Hunger refers to people suffering from food insufficiency. Hunger is a big problem but can be solved. In the South Africa, many people die every year due to hunger. The percentage of hunger in South Africa is very high, and this problem is not solved till now. This article will explain the hunger problem in South Africa, the causes of increasing the hunger, it affects and the previous solutions attempted to solve the problem. Hunger in South Africa has many causes. The First major cause of hunger is price inflation. According to kitissou (2014), January 2006 till June 2008, was the worst period in South Africa because prices of food were doubled. For example, the price of rice, wheat,…show more content…
According to Kitissou(2014), In 2003 the drought causing Ethiopia's starvation which increased the hunger, so the president of Malawi announced that he would help his farmers by extends them with seeds and fertilizers, but it was not enough because drought affected South Africa in economics growth very badly. Kitissou(2014) added that in 2010 an Organization arrived from Spain, Canada and the Unites States awarded South Africa for 880$million.But this money was not enough because there are more than 2 billion people suffer from hunger in the world. It is agreed that there were many efforts tried to solve the hunger problem. But these efforts did not solve this problem completely because the percent of the hunger in South Africa is not…show more content…
First by reducing the prices of foods and imposes the punishments on the traders who will not follow the rules. So the poor citizen can buy adequate nutrients. Second, providing farmers the right to grow food to feed them, sell surplus and farm inputs such as fertilizer and seeds, in addition to that being cheaper. So these farmers can live in a better standard. In 2007, the percent of emergency food in South Africa was 400%. This is a very high percent. So Third, It is possible that a private bank agree with the businessmen who invest their money in this bank to take part of their money to build schools, Factories and projects that help to rotate the movement of work and economic growth in South Africa and these businessmen will take 10% of the profit resulting from these projects. Children who live in South Africa have the right to learn and live safe and comfortable life. They have the right to play and to be in good health like every child lives in other countries. These children were born in the difficult life. So I think that they have the right to draw the smile on their cheeks. To sum up, Hunger is serious phenomenon found from the past, but at the last five years it increased in poor countries. Hunger in South Africa has many causes such as climate change and price inflation. It also has bad effects on the life of people who live in South Africa, physiologically and

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