Hunnigan's War: A Short Story

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Hunnigan watched as Galien left and sighed to herself. This had certainly been the most nerve-wracking day she has had in a long time. To think that it all started off so boringly, too. That the bickering of her fellow councilmen would be followed by the war and then Toros’ murder. Anxiety had built up and needed to be released, a second dosage of the venom wouldn’t hurt, right? The first order of business would be to get back to her room unseen. A task proved to be harder than expected as now more guards were out searching for a figment of Hunnigan’s imagination. To think that one story can get guards and, by consequence, the King on their toes. Peering around each corner, the brunette made sure that the coast was clear before going down each hallway. Never had her ears strained so much to hear every little sound that was made. Her heart could be felt in her throat and anxiety-driven nausea overtook her senses. Just as she was about to round yet another corner, she saw an orange light glowing and bouncing off the stone walls. Hunnigan froze for only a second before ducking behind a wall.…show more content…
Hunnigan could only guess it was three or four people talking. Her chest started to hurt as she waiting patiently in the dark. Thankfully, the four figures walking by did not see her and Hunnigan could relax. Poking her head out from the hiding spot, Hunnigan could see it was the King and three guards walking by. ‘That would have been a disaster’, Hunnigan

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