Hunt For The Wilderpeople Film Analysis

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HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE -Responding to texts Hunt for the Wilderpeople directed by Taika Waititi, is about a mischievous 13-year-old boy who finally finds a foster family and starts to settle down. An unexpected occurrence pushes the family beyond its limits, everything gets out of hand and has the whole country looking for them. Hunt for the Wilderpeople has several different comedic devices and film techniques used in the film and the devise focused on will be, one liner’s, hyperbole (exaggeration) and costume. One liners are phrases used by characters in a film to use as a short joke or witty remark towards another character. ‘Shit just got real’ spoken by Ricky baker in the fifth chapter of the film, is used to grab the attention of the…show more content…
A hyperbole is when a character is exaggerating a point till it becomes unrealistic, or when a certain circumstance is being exaggerated to give the scene more drama. Towards the end of the film Ricky goes looking for some help when he and Hector find a person dying in a cabin. However when Ricky returns Hector has left because the police found him leaving Ricky stranded. Ricky starts to panic while trying to figure out where Hector may be. Ricky says ‘What would hector do’ then goes to all different extremes to be like hector. For example, he smudges mud on his face to look dirty, and has made an outfit out of leaves and bushes to blend into the surroundings. By Ricky showing all these traits he’s showing the audience that he notices the things that hector does to improve his own moralities and to be more like hector. Another example of Hyperbole occurs when Hector and Ricky are in their final showdown with the police across the countryside. This scene is very exaggerated to the point that they needed military personal to find two people, but Hector and Ricky pushed to the end because they realised that they were going to get caught anyways so why not get caught having fun. This whole scene showed that the two of them finally started to bond and call each other family. The use of hyperbole is used resourcefully to prove the point of the scene and show the bond between the two

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