Hunter Gather Societies Essay

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The demise of the hunter gather society is a result of the beginning of an ice age and the need for a reliable food source. In turn, they completely reinvented basic means for obtaining food through the development of agriculture, refocusing energies to innovations and cultural development.

The methods that hunter gather societies used to track food was not time efficient as stated in the Guns, Germs, and Steel video with Jared Diamond. It is not productive to track down each animal, spot the quarry, and use primitive bows and arrows for it is not guaranteed capture. In addition, you depend completely on the animals. For example, say there is a drought, the grass would struggle to grow, thus leading to starvation among the animals. All leading back to the demise of your community. This called for a new way to find food, and in this situation the solution is not to find food, but to grow it.

As hunter gatherer societies evolved into an agricultural focus, it opened up opportunities for people to invent new technologies. This all started in the ancient village of Dra where Diamond traveled. It was
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As societies switched to an agricultural focus, the need for an all-powerful leader became necessary to delegate responsibilities such as rationing food and appointing jobs. As mentioned in the packet, Ancient Religions, the leader began to influence the shift from a hunter gatherers anamistic religion to a mono and polytheistic belief system. An anamistic religion can be described where the people and the gods are equals, even to the extent where they barter with the gods. Where as, mono and poytheistic religions have one or many gods, which often have human like faults. As the leader became one to fear, people began to worship the gods out of fear. People eventually began to decorate their houses with mosaics and

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