Hunter-Gatherer Diet Research Paper

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Amoya Morris-Berry Exam 2 Discuss the possible factors affecting the overall size (per capita) and configuration of hunter-gatherer encampments. - The hunter-gatherer society encompasses various contributory factors such as their diet which is being involves the wild inclusive of plants and animals. Thus the reason it negates the agricultural society, where the supply of food comes from the domestication of plants and animals as mean of sustaining their population, which is normally bigger. The hunter-gatherers way of living on the other hand differs greatly from the typical hierarchical society. Their societies are mainly fabricated around a kinship or tribe membership instead of full-time leadership. This limits violence which is usually…show more content…
Haiti has had a challenging history, from having an ongoing political oppression, to soil erosion which impacts its food supply for overpopulation in a small country, and the lack of a well developed education program which leads to illiteracy amongst the small country. The life inherited of an average Haitian concludes to daily misery and hardships, where this is unimaginable to people of a richer nation, such as the United States, who actually contributed in the past to their difficult life. Also, these life struggles are also not felt by the rare three percent of the population who have actually obtained the riches that were blessed by inheritance into an upper class…show more content…
There are certain simple activities adults can do to benefit their thinking and memory skills. Reading can benefit the brain such as a cheap, daily newspaper. Also word games such as cross-word puzzle or Sudoku sections can increase cognitive thinking skills. If internet is available, playing online games, memory games and quizzes can also help. Other popular games that are usually free at local libraries are chess and checkers. Keeping the human brain stimulated on a daily basis will enhance adults for healthy ageing. One activity that can help the mind expand and decrease stress levels is meditation. It also decreases respiratory rate and when done correctly lead into deep relaxation. When one meditates, it is proven that panic attacks are less likely to occur due to the level of blood lactate. Since meditation reduces stress levels, it can help wrinkles to be

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