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The Walking Dead: The History Behind It Hunter-gatherers (also known as foragers) have generally been defined as those living "in societies that sustain themselves by foraging, hunting, and fishing" and for a long time, considered to be living in groups of "relatively peaceful societies" such as the Kalahari Bushmen (Who Are The Hunter-Gatherers?). However, Richard Wrangham in "Killer Species" notes that "scrutiny of early records of contact with hunter-gatherers shows widespread evidence of primitive violence. In fact, James Gorman in "Prehistoric Massacre Hints at War Among Hunter-Gatherers" argues that the discovery of "one group of hunter-gatherers [that] attacked and slaughtered another . . . [with] unmistakable signs of violent death . . . may be [hinting at] a massacre in a foraging society." Meanwhile, AMC 's The Walking Dead…show more content…
Historically, hunter-gatherers are assumed to be a group of peaceful people. This initial impression, however, does not accommodate any drastic social changes that could potentially lead to the establishment of war zones. In TWD, after the occurrence of the virus breakout, the need for survival overrides any and all sense of humanity and morale; hence, indicating that the establishment of a pressurized environment acts as a guiding hand for social changes, regardless whether it is for the better or worse. In the context of hunter-gatherers, the pressurized environment is simply the "war zones [, which] are the border areas [where] territories abut, danger lurks, and parties rarely go.” This means that these areas experience "low rates of foraging" that eventually results in the "lands of plenty - rich in tempting resources" (Wrangham 31). The need to obtain such resources, which is necessary for their survival, may have been the pivotal point for social changes of the hunter-gatherers of the

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