Hunter Store Research Paper

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The hunter store is a 19th century building that before owned by the Hunters brother. Legend has it that the Hunters brothers helped a man who fell off his horse in 18 Mile Creek. The man being drunk the brothers decided not to take him home rather take him to the store. They took him back to the apartment on the second floor, and left him wet laying on the bed. It was warm that day, so they thought he would be fine. The temperatures went below freezing that night. When the brothers went to see if everything was alright he had died of hypothermia. This so called haunted store located in Pendleton, SC. It was a popular store during its time. It stayed in business from 1850s to 1929. Local Jo McConnell, has witness this ghost before. She was…show more content…
After South Carolina being claimed by England the Cherokee traded between them. After being defeated by the British, the british dominated the trade and the whole region and started to settle the land with large farms. Going back to the Hunter brothers they probably moved down here with that herd and when they started their Store. The general of the Revolutionary War, Andrew Pickens moved and settled in this town and commissioned the district of Pendleton in 1790. During the 1800’s more wealthy families started building their homes in Pendleton. Pendleton history consists of lots of plantations, and still shows lots of famous one’s like Woodburn. Pendleton 's Farmer Market was a big part of making money. During the 1800’s was a Pendleton Market where locals come together sharing different breeds of cattle and other livestock were shown and judged. Many sold products “such as home-woven cloth, bedspreads, clothing, preserves, cakes and handicrafts were displayed”. Many of the tradition back then still continue now. All the building from a while ago still are preserved. Many building in the town has had work done to it because they want to keep all the buildings the
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