Hunters In The Snow Character Analysis Essay

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Tub, a main character in Wolff’s “Hunters in the Snow”, is as his name describes him to be. A large round man, Tub is secretive and sensitive, and is hiding his personal guilt related to food. Tub is motivated by food and his desire to fit in with everyone else. The choices and decisions he makes display Tub’s vulnerable aspect in relation to the other men. Tub is a very deep character, and evolves from one who is made fun of to a man with a trustworthy friend. At the beginning of the piece, Tub’s friends, Kenny and Frank, describe Tub as a “beach ball with a hat on”, indicating his short and stout physical appearance. The physical appearance is not all of whom Tub is, but does affect his psyche. Tub is deeply affected by his lack of personal restraint, and feels like he is “never able to just be” himself. The…show more content…
While this is occuring, their friendship alliance is reborn, and Tub is following Frank instead of listening to Kenny and the recklessness that results. Tub and Frank spill out their secrets and their guilts, disregarding Kenny, the secret-holder of the trio. Tub explains to Frank how he “appreciates it”, the ‘trusting me”. Frank reciprocates the gesture by allowing Tub to stuff himself on pancakes, and Tub, catching his breath, says that he had “never been so full”. This is synonymous with their relationship and how full it is after their honesty. Tub is very agreeable and this is shown through the progression of the trio’s development. Tub is a sympathetic and agreeable man, and even though he made a mistake, it ended up being a way to strengthen a friendship. The motivation to fit in and be friends with Frank, highlights Tub’s vulnerable nature. Tub becomes less self conscious and adds to the story with his sympathetic musings. Overall, Tub is a well rounded character and evolves throughout the story as he sheds the bullied aura for a stronger and more determined sense of
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