Catcher In The Rye Symbolism

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In the book, catcher in the rye, The hunting hat Is one of the main symbols. It symbolizes confident it’s the texture of holding tom is one of the main symbols. It symbolizes confidence self-esteem and protection of Holden’s emotions. In catcher in the rye Holden uses the red hunting hat to show comfort for himself and protection to his little sister ( phoebe ). When holden wears the hunting hat he feels comfortable slanger writes , “ anyways i put on my new hat and sat down and started reading that book out of africa ( page 19 ) ” when holden puts on the hat he is more comfortable then when he doesn’t have on the hat on. Further on in the book slanger states “ i took off my hat and looked at it for about the nineteenth time. I got it in…show more content…
“ it was at the end of the novel as he was out in the rain watching phoebe go around on the carousel. She just looks so nice he says. As phoebe puts his hunting hat back on his head , and just maybe,Holden has realized that growing up isn’t the worst thing in the world . When phoebe on the carousel holden decided he wasn't going to run away phoebe puts his hunting hat back on his head, and just maybe , Holden has realized that growing isnt the worse thing in the world. When phoebe is on the carousel she is reaching for the gold ring. Holden thinks to himself,” andi sort of afraid she would fall the goddam horse , but i didnt say anything or do anything . The thing with kids is, if they want ot grab for the gold ring you have to let them do it , and not say anything. If they fall off ,they fall off , but its bad if you say anything to them . ( page 211 ) “ in this scene holdens emotions change. Holden starts to feel happy even though phoebe might get hurt holden was starting to realize that growing up is necessary for phoebe and himself . You can't really protect a kid from growing up , so he had no choice but to accept the fact that she is growing up. In short the book , catcher in the rye , by J.D salinger symbolizes the hunting hat as a sign of protection . He shows protection by usings holdens emotions towards himself and other
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