Hunting License Research Paper

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Hunting licenses

If you like to hunt do you think the deer tags are too much? Well I do because if you don 't see a deer that is big enough you are out at least $31 for one tag and that is way too much. I want them to lower the price instead of raising it because they get extra money. Another couple facts are the tags are expensive, and adding the base license its too expensive for some people, and leads to people shooting deer illegally, you can 't even shoot a deer unless it has four on one side, but it 's nice to the youth hunters because they can get a tag free and gets to shoot what they want, but adding the base license, they should mark down some hunting gear for the people who pay for it. This is a few reasons why its to expensive. What do you think about the idea of the government adding the base license? It 's not right the government wants to add more money to the licenses, so they get paid more. Then they think it 's right to add the base license, and they make so much money off of the hunters. Next people that are poor try to get a deer tag so they can shoot a deer for food
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The opposing view of this is we don 't want to have the deer tags go up any more even though the money goes to their habitat. Second it may go towards their habitat but how do they make their habitat better. There 's no way to improve their habitat unless they add more lakes ,or pond but they need more food to and trees which are shelter from wind or rain. Then why do we have a restricted license if its the same price for us, but we can 't shoot a deer unless it has four on one side. Next if its going to get to their habitat why not make them have more shelter and food. Next the people out of town that come here to hunt pay the most towards their habitat. First of all nothing gets added to their habitat anyway, so they don 't have any more shelter. Why raise the deer tag prices if their

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