Hunting Persuasive Research Paper

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There are plenty of people in this country who dedicate time to protect animals. These people call themselves animal rightists, and they believe that all animals are equal to humans and shouldn’t be eaten, used for testing or even kept as pets. They believe that people should not interfere with animals whatsoever. What they don’t understand is how many people live off animals. People who live on ranches, work as vets, or even hunt for food. They all need animals in their lives. Some say hunting is all about who can shoot the biggest deer. Some people live off the meat they get when they are hunting. People say hunting isn’t needed, and that people who do hunt just hunt for sport. There are people out there who need to hunt for their survival.…show more content…
To some people hunting doesn 't matter in their everyday life. To some people though hunting is an important way to get food for their families. 100,000 years ago hunting might have been a crucial form of survival, but now hunting is just “a violent form of recreation” and most hunters don’t even need the meat to survive (Why Sport Hunting is Cruel and Unnecessary). I think they have a point. A Lot of people who hunt, hunt for sport, but others can 't afford processed meat or don 't eat it due to health reasons. Hunting for sport shouldn 't be legal, because there are people who could have eaten that deer instead of wasting it. Not everyone out there is going to get a deer every season. The Deer to hunter ratio is ridiculous. There are way more deer than hunters in a single square mile. “Wisconsin, which has 1.5 million deer and about 14 hunters per square mile. In comparison, Kentucky has 900,000 white-tails and seven hunters per square mile” (Warner). Some states have more hunters than other it depends where you live. Some states have as few as one hunter per square mile while others have more than eleven (Warner). Not all of that land is going to be hunting land. Deer don’t dwell in deep forests, they are usually in thinner areas or near farms or in small towns. Their might be hunters, and there might be deer, but if you 're in the middle of a town you can’t legally shoot the deer. Not all the deer are in areas where they can be hunted, so it’s not very likely…show more content…
If there is too much of one thing in an ecosystem other things suffer. The overpopulation of deer isn’t only hurting people, but they are hurting other plants and animals in the environment. All these deer are causing more and more car crashes “About 150 people per year are actually killed due to car collisions with deer” (White-tailed deer Overpopulation). All of these deer need something to eat. First they are going to eat up all the plants in the forests which “harms biological diversity of vegetation” and makes a lot of the plants in the area go extinct (White-tailed deer Overpopulation). Once the deer are finished destroying all the plant life in the forest area they need to find their food source from somewhere else. What a better place than farmland? Fields full of food. “Deer in the US eat 15 million tons of vegetation each year, which costs about $248 million in damage to crops and landscaping in the Northeast alone” (White-tailed deer Overpopulation). If the deer population would be limited then less people would get injured or killed from car collisions and our country would make more
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