Persuasive Essay On Hunting

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Hunting I remember the first time I went hunting with my family we were hunting deer we shot one and went and stood by it then we heard a noise behind us we looked behind us and the deer was running away so we went and chased it down and finally got it three miles away one of the greatest memories I have had and glad I got to share it with my family. So if you are going to go hunting then you should first you should go to a store that sells a gun then buy some ammo for whatever gun you bought next buy some bright orange then you need to go to a hunter safety course and once you pass then you may then get your hunting license once you find what you are going to go hunting for you should get someone like friends or family to go with you then you need to call people that you know have hunting ground so that you have a lot of options to go hunting on.…show more content…
Unless the hunter is going coyote or fox hunting. Some of the better brand for shotguns are Remington Winchester and Benelli when going to go hunting if the hunter doesn’t want a gun with a lot of kick which is when the gun jams back into their shoulder I would recommend a twenty gauge and don’t go and buy a four /ten because it is against the law to use. Some of the better rifle brands are Rugger Winchester and Remington the most arcuate one is a rugger ten/twenty two. When buying orange the hunter should get bright florescent orange so that its easy to see and they need to at least be fifty percent orange so that’s there chest and a hat and it cant be holey it has to be solid orange and don’t go buy a thick orange coat because there are other seasons then winter and if the hunter should just get a light vest because they can even use it when it is hot out and if its cold the hunter can put it over their
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