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The twenty-four foot by forty foot hunting shack has been the home to a lot of life lasting memories throughout my life. We built the hunting shack three years ago. The shack has the look of a pull shed. With beige steel siding and a green steel roof. The shack has three rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room/kitchen. The inside of the hunting shack has all pine walls; the cabin always has a pine scent because of the pine walls. From the fresh pine scent to the cold concrete floor, the hunting shack has been the home to many of my greatest memories. Our 160 acres of heavily wooded land has held many great memories. One of my most life changing memories happened is these woods. Our land has a wide variety of different landscapes,…show more content…
There are also many high spots and the land and some very low spots that are very wet. The long four wheeling trails through very wet land makes four wheeling very fun and also creates many obstacles on the trail.
On this bitter cold night, we decided to go four wheeling. It’s December so the sun sets around four thirty or five. We decide to go four wheeling around nine o’clock. There are no clouds and the moon lights up the woods. We are all bundled up and ready to go four wheeling. After we have been four wheeling for around twenty minutes we get to this little stream that crosses the trail. The stream is not very wide or very deep, but it is very muddy. We decide to try and go through it. I am the first one to try to go through it. I get about half way through and I start to sink into the ground and eventually I stop moving. There are three of us and my cousin Brice decides he wants to

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