Hunting Snake And Horses Edwin Muir Analysis

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Critical Essay How do the poets Judith Wright and Edwin Muir vividly convey the power of nature?, and how do they convey their love towards animal and nature? In the poems, hunting snake and horses, Judith Wright and Edwin Muir both explore the themes of fear and admiration through their poems. Both Wright and Muir convey the power of nature Their description of both sight and feeling allows the reader to not only be at the moment but to feel what the poet is feeling. In this way, They effectively convey the power of nature. In Horses Edwin Muir reflects on his childhood. At the beginning of the poem he sees horses running throughout the field, then he remembers his childhood fear of them by saying that he shows that fear is the main theme in the poem he talks about his perspective changing as he got older.In addition to fear, freedom is a major theme in the poem as he talks about how free the horses are when they are let free in the field, he describes them as wild and strange as they are running in the field.He talks about their beauty being constrained. Muir tried to portray a powerful image of the horses. He goes back to his childhood, and start to think about horses. He always wanted to give the impression of the horses. The speaker in the poem is sad at the end, because of losing the memories. In Horses the poet describes the effects of war in the community where he lives and in the world right now. In the society, the lives they live in

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