Hup Seg Case Study

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Industry Background
Food & beverage industry includes organizations that involved in handling raw food materials, packaging and distributing the foods. The utilization of the products and services that created by food & beverage industry is becoming dynamically in our contemporary societies. This industry does not only produce products to the customers but also apply customers focused administration systems and qualified services approach. The barriers to enter food & beverage industry are low, so that it allow entrepreneurs that are incapable and inefficient to enter the industry, the experience and capital required are low, so this industry get to be attractive for entrepreneurs to forms organizations (ARIKAN-SALTIK & et al., 2016). In today’s
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Bhd is one of the leading in biscuit manufacture and is commonly recognized name synonymous that produce quality biscuit in Malaysia. Through its continuous upgrading, their products have been regarded with various honors and accumulated many outstanding achievements around the world. Awards that Hup Seng gets includes ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System in 2012, which prove that their products are safe, Hup Seng gets Gold Medal Award, Monde Selection from 1994 to 2015,it guarantee the quality of products that Hup Seng produce and other awards. Through having these awards, it has instructed customers on the hygiene and food safety and in the meantime increase customers’ confidence and trust in Hup Seng’s products. Their products does not only capture the hearts of customers in Malaysia, but also other countries that it cover such as Africa, Europe countries, North America, Asia and Oceania. Moreover, Hup Seng should continue to improve and upgrade their products and services in order to attain higher…show more content…
Bhd. is a listed company that mainly engage in the assembling and sale of beverage products. The company create and promote power root energy drinks that braced with two primary herbs which are “Tongkat Ali” and “Kacip Fatimah”. “Tongkat Ali” is a plant that able to cure a wide range of diseases and ailments. They regularly consumed it into the drinks such as tea, coffee, cereal, chocolate malt drinks and energy drinks and sell it to customers. Other than that, Power Root has put high efforts in research and development to these plants in order to come out with its own particular brand of products and improve its current products. Power Root has promote their products in the international markets which includes Singapore, U.S., Taiwan and other countries. The company consent to provide high quality of products to the customers.
Apollo Food Holdings Berhad is a leading manufacturer that assembling in manufacture and trading of layer cakes and chocolate confectionery products situated in Malaysia. The product of the company basically separation into two categories which are Layer cake and Swiss roll products and Chocolate Wafer products. Apollo aims is to satisfied customers’ needs by providing high quality of products and constantly enhance its effectiveness. Other than that, Apollo also promote its products in international markets which includes Thailand, Singapore, India and other

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