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Do you have what it takes to go down in history as a track legend—more specifically a hurdle legend? Hurdlers get the least amount of recognition, but in reality, there is more to hurdles than just simply jumping them. If you want to be a hurdle legend you must: practice hard, warm up thoroughly, run hard, and relax.

To begin with, practice is the biggest contributing factor in your climb to success. In practice you must work on your hurdling form. It is also imperative that you run sprints around the track so that you build up respiratory strength. Sprints will also help you improve your race time. Practice is nothing to take lightly, it is a sure fire way to improve your skills and put you one step closer to becoming a hurdle legend. Practice will get you on the right track to becoming a hurdle legend.
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Warming up is an essential part of the hurdler lifestyle. To warm up properly there are many different activities you must complete before your race. The first step you should complete is running a lap around the track. Running a lap gets blood circulating through your body, which is vital to a hurdler because it loosens muscles and helps to prepare for the big race. Next, you should do simple stretches to ensure you get all of your muscles loosened well enough so you do not pull a muscle. Finally, you should work on hurdle leg work to make certain that you stretch out your groin area before jumping hurdles so that you do not hurt yourself

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