Interview With Mr. Liwak At Hurley Hospital

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On 2/9/17 I was able to meet with Mr. Liwak at Hurley Hospital. He had surgery to remove the external fixators on 1/31/17. His hemoglobin also dropped and he was held in the hospital for some blood infusions. His legs are in cast to below the knee. He is non weight bearing. The right leg has some necrotic tissue. Mr. Liwak have surgery to remove the necrotic tissue, he may need skin grafts that will be determined at that time. Mr. Liwak says he is down, he did not realize it would be so long before he could bear weight. Once the legs are stable Mr. Liwak will transfer to Willow Brook Manor for continued care. Mr. Liwak is being transferred from the rehab unit to the orthopedic floor. He will remain there until he is discharged to Willow Brook Manor. On 2/14/17 Mr. Liwak was transferred to WillowBrook Manor rehabilitation for continued care.…show more content…
Liwak and his wife. Mr. Liwak is a bit depressed about his situation and not being able to go home yet. He understands he has to heal but is frustrated on how long it may take. Mr. Liwak participates in occupational and physical therapy twice a day for several hours. He is working on upper body strength getting ready for when he can use a walker and bear some weight. His appetite is much better. Mr. Liwak said he really doesn’t have much pain other than the arthritis pain he has in his left knee. He normally has an injection with Dr. Wilson to the left knee every 90 days. He is supposed to have one at the appointment with Dr. Telehowski on 2/27/17. This helps with his pain. I spoke at length with the registered nurse assigned to Mr. Liwak. The Hurley burn unit appointment on 2/20/17 went well. It looks like there may be on small area that may have to be removed but otherwise they are happy with the graft site. They are instructed to remove the dressing every other day and wash. I have obtained the next appointments and will be
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