Hurricane Andrew Impact On America

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Do you know about Hurricane Andrew? It had one of biggest effects and one of the greatest wind speeds at some points higher than Katrina. Hurricane Andrew was one of the most costliest in the U.S when it hit florida. Smashing into Florida’s heavily populated coastlines , Hurricane Andrew had surfaced land on August 24th 1992, before heading on to Louisiana. ("The Story Of The Power And Fury Of Hurricane Andrew".)

Damages ranged from blown out windows to building collapsing on one another. Roofs ripped of the trim of houses left behind. Rubble , floods , and debris all on the roads. The conditions were treacherous very dangerous conditions. Many hurricanes were dangerous but none were as costliest events in American history. ("10 Hurricane Andrew Facts")
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Coastal winds boosted this giant mass of destruction , and many tried to escape but not many could . These wind speeds could devour anything in its course. Obliterating many houses and buildings it would prove to be one of the deadliest , costliest , and biggest hurricanes that ever formed. ("10 Hurricane Andrew Facts")

Impacts on America were very harsh living conditions ,electricity down , and wounded and injured. Medical Conditions and help were on the way. Andrew was a fierce money vacuming hurricane Hurricane Andrew sucked millions out of Amercian pockets. Tax dollars, Donations and other fees.

In conclusion Hurricane Andrew was a teeth pulling hurricane many people were affected by it and many were killed. We should remember this because in the future we can make safety precautions. We could make sure houses , food , and other supplies are avalible after each one and open our arms to those in
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