Hurricane Andrew: The Most Destructive Hurricane

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Hurricane Andrew was the fifth most destructive hurricane in the US. Hurricane Andrew is the most powerful hurricanes that occurred in Florida. Power lines were pulled from the ground. People were evacuated from their homes. In all, 65 people died from Hurricane Andrew. (Funk) On August 24, 1992 a wave crossed over from Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Which became the hurricane that hit southeastern Florida. Andrew hit before dawn. The hurricane was only 30 miles away from Miami. Meteorologists say that the hurricane´s barometric pressure was 922 millibars and its winds were at 145 miles per hour. Leaders were afraid that people would develop violence.(Funk) By August 25th the hurricane reached the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane started moving north. The very next day Andrew reached Louisiana. Andrew hit only 90 miles west of New Orleans. In New Orleans over a million families were evacuated from their homes. (Gorman)…show more content…
Andrew killed 65 people in all. 15 of those people died directly from the hurricane. Over 5,000 911 calls were made on the day of the hurricane. These 911 calls were made in only 2 hours. When Andrew hit over 1.3 million homes dealt with power outages. Fortunately, no officers were injured. In 2002, Hurricane Andrew survivors remembered the impact of the storm by gathering for the revealing of the Hurricane Andrew plaque on the storm´s 10th anniversary. (Destruction) Andrew was a very devastating and powerful hurricane. Meteorologists say that Hurricane Andrew was a category 4 hurricane. Andrew also caused 26 billion dollars in property damage. "Now it's just a tropical disaster area," said Joe Hoyt after he used a machete to hack off the top of a fallen coconut palm. "I will cry later, I will. This place will never be the same again. Never."

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