Hurricane Hits England By Grace Nicholand Analysis

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In the poem “Hurricane Hits England” by Grace Nicholas , the narrator describes the night a hurricane came to England. She questions the, asking why it is so far from home. She describes the destruction it causes. However she also describes the effect the storm has on her, reminding her that she is not so very far away from home and she emphasizes that thoughts of her with many literary devices, nostalgic tone and eight stanzas. The despairing and dramatic tone of the poem emphasizes the melancholy and the desire of the narrator to be at her home. Besides this, there is a hopeful and questioning tone in the poem. First of all, the dramatic and despairing tone is very dominant. The narrator really wants to be at her home but she is very far away from it. She misses her home and the despairing tone of poem emphasizes the longing and desire of her for her home. Secondly, the questioning tone of the poem illustrates the confusion of the narrator. The lines “Tell me why you visit an English coast? / O why is my heart unchained? “ successfully represent the questioning tone of the poem. She asks questions the hurricane about why does it visit England and reminds her her home. The narrator is very confused about all these feelings inside of her that the hurricane has released. Since, the hurricanes must be scary and frightening for ordinary people. However, for her it is comforting and reminds her of home. Thirdly, the lines “Come to break the frozen lake in me. /
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