Hurricane Imma Research Paper

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Irma was a category 5 hurricane. It hit Florida, debris left lying around everywhere. At least 36 people were reported dead, and over six million people were left without power. The flooding has makes walking the streets dangerous as the muddy water can hide sharp objects along with holes. The (FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency estimated that 25% of homes within the Florida keys are completely destroyed, and 65% have had major damage. In preparation for the oncoming hurricane, the government created online websites with plans of what preparations should be made by people who were being evacuated or wanted to stay put. These plans include basic things such as a large supply of both food and water and having all important documents and…show more content…
In 2005, August 29th, hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast. This impacted both Louisiana and Mississippi. In Louisiana alone, there were 971 hurricane Katrina related deaths. In total, the amount of recorded deaths because of hurricane Katrina were…show more content…
This wife and husband stayed in their home because Riley was recovering from surgery, as the 72 km winds were surrounding the house, Dianne describes it as, "I feel like I 'm in a sardine can..." According to her it was so bad that she says, "My husband said he 'll duct-tape me to a chair if I try to open the front door." She and her husband were only one of many families who went through hurricane Irma, thankfully they lived it through to see another day, but unfortunately not everyone does. Wendell Bailey age 74, died inside his home as it burned up. According to sources, he had been without power for 72 hours and was trying to warm himself up, in the process though, his house caught fire and he was trapped inside while the fire was
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