Command Relationship In Response To Hurricane Katrina Essay

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The Importance of Command Relationship in Response to Hurricane Katrina
SFC Rande J. Rodrigues
Fort Campbell NCOA

The Importance of Command Relationship in Response to Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes and the most destructive and powerful hurricane ever to hit the United States. It was not only the costliest natural disaster ever to hit the U.S. but also the most controversial and highly politicized, with federal, state and local officials blaming each other. Many residents did not heed the initial warnings to evacuate, putting a severe strain on rescue operations. Many critics blamed an aging and neglected federal levee system and a slow state and local response. Even though, fingers pointed in all directions, rescue efforts were poorly planned, orchestrated as well as executed. While many agencies and organization were trying to send relief to New Orleans, there was no clear person or group coordinating the efforts. Hurricane Katrina revealed the need for greater integration, better plans and exercises not only throughout federal government, but also with the state and local governments as well.
Command and Control
Command relationships are a crucial
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Unity of effort is an essential concept in emergency management to provide a rapid and coordinated response. Different types of disasters will require different levels of response, capabilities, and command relationships. Hurricane Katrina will always be remembered by history as one of the most destructive, expensive, and tragic events our country has ever encountered. But with a strong determination, unity of effort, and effective organizational change, the true legacy of Katrina can be that of a catalyst that triggered a real and lasting improvement to our national
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