Hurricane Katrina Video Analysis

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When watching the videos on Hurricane Katrina I was located in Xavier’s library. I watched the videos alone in order to focus more on the video and receive the full affect the video would have on me. I originally attempted to watch the video at home but I found that watching the video in my bed did not allow me to focus, as I should. While watching the video I was interrupted twice by a friend coming to say hello and also a couple of text messages and phone calls.
While watching the video I thought I would feel sad and depressed but it was the complete opposite. I felt proud of my city because to see what happened and how much destroyed was amazing. I was eleven years old when Hurricane Katrina hit the city but I was aware of all the damage
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Seeing what these people went through and how most of them rebuilt their homes and came back to New Orleans showed me that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hurricane Katrina was bad but it could have been worst and most of the citizen of New Orleans had faith the whole time that the city would come back stronger than before. The experience also taught me to never question God’s plan because I will never be able to understand what he has planned. I will never understand why he chose to tear such a great city apart or why he would allow so much history to be…show more content…
In saying that, I mean as for when the news told people to evacuate, I was almost one of those people to stay behind. I did not want to leave for Hurricane Katrina but God sent the message to my family for us to leave. In thinking about the whole situation now I see that God has always protected me from harm. I’ve come to realize that I have so much to be thankful for and I can say the whole experience of Hurricane Katrina has made me feel blessed and highly favored. The only question I have is; would New Orleans be ready handle another hurricane of this magnitude and still
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