Hurricane Sandy Research Paper

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Hurricanes can be powerful storms that form over ocean water in the tropics. Hurricane Sandy occurred in 2012 along the east coast along the United States. Hurricanes cause wide havoc to many coastal cities and inland cities and are very dangerous. First, there are many causes of hurricanes. Hurricanes are a storm with violent wind in particular a tropical cyclone in the tropics. A hurricane forms from a bunch of other storms that form into one that becomes very dangerous. Before a hurricane comes it usually rains a lot and it also rains a lot. When the hurricane comes the rain looks like it’s raining sideways because the winds sometimes push up to 100mph speeds and that is very dangerous. Before the storm comes lots of clouds…show more content…
Hurricane Sandy destroyed many buildings along the east coast. Sandy was a category one through four hurricane and that is a very dangerous hurricane. Those categories showed in all the destruction that was left after the storm. There were thousands of homes that were destroyed because of the flooding and the high winds that ripped through the towns. Many of people’s homes were not even in the same place because the high flooding picked the houses up off the ground and were move with the water. Most of those homes were the beach homes that were along the beach or were in towns that were on the beaches. The winds ripped roves off homes and toppled over trees and the trees were all over the place so many homes were him by the trees or the feel over the road so people could not pass the road in their cars. Then some of the trees fell over the power lines and shut down all the power in that area. With the trees falling all over the place there was floods because the trees backed up the rivers and streams then the rain did not help because it rained for many days strait. The rain also affected the cities because the city’s sewer plants flooded. The rain also flooded the subways. The subways were completely full of water. The subways were still not in use months after the hurricane because it cracked the concrete in the subways. The cost of all the damages amounted up to 75 million United States dollars (Dunbar, 2013). There were at least 117 deaths in the United States as a cause of hurricane sandy 40 of the fatalities were caused by flooding. Hurricane sandy was a one through four category hurricane but, there were not very many deaths which is a good thing. Next many families were left homeless after hurricane sandy. Their homes were either destroyed by flooding, high winds, fallen trees, or waves from the ocean. Most homes were destroyed by flooding and high winds. The Red Cross had to step in because
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