Hurricane Vs Hurricane Compare And Contrast

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Do you think that tornadoes and hurricanes are two of the most destructive forces of nature? I feel that the hurricane and also the tornado are two of the most destructive and harmful forces to our community. They both can cause hundreds of deaths and they are worse compared to earthquakes and other natural disasters. They can ruin any home and destroy anything. There can also be a lot of different types of hurricanes and also tornadoes. I will begin by telling you the similarities and differences between both a hurricane and a tornado. Tornadoes and hurricanes have a lot in common and first lets start of with the wind speed. Tornadoes and hurricanes are known for having fast moving winds and also could easily destroy anything. The winds speed on a tornado is around 300 mph and in a hurricane the wind speed can also be about 250-300 mph. The force on the wind speed in both hurricanes and also tornadoes can damage and take out an entire house and also kill up to several hundreds of people in the area of the occurrence. Both of the natural destructions can cause…show more content…
The time span of a tornado is about a couple of hours when a hurricane can last up to 3 weeks. Therefore, hurricanes will also do more damage to the area because they are living at a longer time span compared to a tornado. Tornadoes can take out power plants and also destroy homes but hurricanes are a little more dangerous. Hurricanes can do anything a tornado does but more. They can cause floods in the area and they could flood up to the entire city. Another key fact is that a hurricane forms over warm waters in the ocean while a tornado forms on land and connects with other incoming storms. At last, the size of a tornado compared to the size of a hurricane is also very different. Hurricanes are larger in size because they have more space in the ocean to form up when a tornado only has some room on

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