Hurricane Vs Weather Wiz Kids Essay

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In the website of NASA, the main idea is to inform people what are hurricanes to give a general idea of hurricanes, while the website, Weather Wiz Kids, goes a step further and talks about what you should do to prepare for when a hurricane will strike. For example, in the website, Weather Wiz Kids, it says what costal beach erosion is, and what the difference between a hurricanes and a typhoon, while NASA doesn’t say those things. However, both websites do say some similar things. For example, both websites say that hurricanes are large, swirling storms which produce winds of 74+ mph which can damage buildings and trees. Hurricanes are also categorized by the Saffir-Simpson Scale as shown to the side. As you can see, the stronger the winds the…show more content…
The eye is the calmest part of the hurricane with light winds and has no rain and can sometimes be clear. Hurricanes form when an area of low pressure moves over warm waters where rainclouds are forming, which is called a tropical disturbance. The tropical disturbance then moves on to being a tropical depression when its winds reach 38 mph or less. The tropical depression then turns into a tropical storm when its winds reach 39-73 mph and finally, the tropical storm reaches its hurricane stage when it reaches 74 mph. Two main things are needed to create a hurricane, ocean water over 79°F, and a wind that doesn’t change much in speed and in direction. If a tropical depression turns into a tropical storm, it is given a name from a list in alphabetical order for that year and each year the list rotates from five other lists to form six lists in total. In the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Easter-Pacific Ocean these storms are called hurricanes, in the Western-Pacific Ocean they are called Typhoons and in the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and in Australia they are called
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