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About Hutto The fast-growing community of Hutto, located in Williamson County along the eastern rim of the Hill Country Region, has undergone a population explosion within the last 20 years. Today, the town of 17,000 people is a vibrant community that is projected to grow by a another 30,000 in number within the next ten years. The town of Hutto is located only 30 miles from downtown Austin and ten miles from the economic powerhouse of Red Rock. The town 's proximity to the larger Texas communities of Austin and Red Rock gives residents easy access to the surrounding communities for commute. The town 's affordable homes, safe neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and ample recreational opportunities make Hutto an ideal place to call home.…show more content…
Shiloh, a small farming community, was located on the northern shores of Brushy Creek. In 1848, two enterprising local proprietors opened stores in Shiloh. The thriving community was home to a school and a church. The railroad company purchased an additional five acres of land for a designated station close to Shiloh. The site of the new station became the town of Hutto. The name Hutto was chosen to honor James Emory Hutto, a veteran of the Confederate Army and the town 's first postmaster. Life In Hutto The city of Hutto, located only 25 miles northeast of Downtown Austin, is situated midway between Round Rock and Taylor, Texas. The historic Texas town features tree-lined streets dotted with a number charming historic structures. Old Town, Hutto 's historic district, is home to a multitude of unique local shops, restaurants, and cultural…show more content…
The town of Hutto is a quirky town with a unique mascot. The town of Hutto is the only community in the country to have a Hippo as its mascot. The origins of the town 's mascot are unclear, as there are several conflicting tales of how the hippo came to be the town 's adopted mascot. However, the tale with the most credibility is thought to be of a circus train that stopped at the depot in 1915. It is said that the train stopped to pick up mail and feed the animal passengers. During the stop, a hippo escaped from the train and took refuge at nearby Cottonwood Creek. The fiasco brought much amusement to the town as merchants and farmers watched the circus ' blundering efforts to remove the hippo from the muddy waters of

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