Huxley's Writing Techniques In Brave New World

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Many authors like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley use their writing skills to inform society of current or potential issues. By pointing out the flaws within society, readers are able to become aware of their situations. This awareness guides society to a sense of accountability that is able to put an end to potential issues that can cause the downfall of society. Authors like Orwell and Huxley are able to foresee the future and are able to use their works to prevent the issues within this envisioned world. Often times, the issues these authors discuss include, but are not limited to, science and political power. The authors write their novels as a representation of the world envisioned, while showing the negative aspect it has created and…show more content…
Conditioning can also be used to teach children morals and subjects in school. In Huxley’s world, the World State, the World Controllers use various techniques of science to construct a highly-controlled society; these techniques include: The Bokanovsky Process, Neo-Pavlovian, Hypnopædia, and Soma. The Bokanovsky Process is how the scientist populate the world; Neo-Pavlovian is a technique used on babies that trains children to fear certain activities and objects by using shock therapy along with the loud sound of sirens; Hypnopædia educates children on morals while they sleep; Soma is a drug-like substance in which the users feel happiness once consumed (Huxley, 1932). The techniques train the lab-created human’s brains on what to enjoy, what to fear, what is right and wrong, which social caste they belong to, and how to become dependent on Soma for happiness. This scientific process shows how scientists are able to influence their test subjects in order to gain the desired outcome, resulting in the society being controlled by higher powers. Like the World State, today’s world uses conditioning tactics, except not as a way to control society in its entirety. Parents often use moral education, like those of Hypnopædia, in order to teach children right from wrong. The moral education between a child and its parents can also be used to teach the child how to stay safe. Today’s world also uses conditioning through how Company's use marketing tactics in order to reach certain audiences to gain business. These Company’s create commercials, advertisements, logos, and jingles that stick with people, causing them to desire the product or service that is promoted. In all, it is clear that the Conditioning within the Brave New World and today’s world is used as a way to influence people into acting how
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