Hyatt Hotel Case Study

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Argument 1 1. Analyze the organizational culture and values of the Hyatt hotel and link them to executive’s actions in leadership position. A. In what way does the organizational culture, values and style agree or disagree with the action executives/leaders take or not take to avoid an escalation of the case? In every organization there must be the composition invisible culture takes place within such organization. Each organization is unique from each other that because each culture is an aggregate of the individual employee personality traits, accordingly define the organizational traits (Min-Huei, 2004). Culture is created by four distinct methods in an organization: The actions and behaviors of leaders, what leaders pay attention…show more content…
Organizational culture play an important role in an organization, and it will be effective if a leader can adapt his/her leadership style base upon morality and virtue. Leader should have a strong set of ethics, principle of right conduct and system of virtue values. Therefore, a good leader must bring out a positive value of an organization; to encourage employees behave in ethical ways, responsibility, resulting in a happy workplace and employee empowerment (Stan Mack). On the contrary, Hyatt leader couldn’t apply any good leadership role to create a positive organizational culture toward employees. When employees receive unfairness actions of the leader, they finally cannot be patient with these practices any longer. It leads to the cause of global boycott Hyatt hotel and hotel was damaged in every aspect from this situation. In fact, every business should practice ethics to create a good organizational culture and build a better society within the company’s constitution. Organizational culture helps to unite employees, who come from different backgrounds, families and have their own cultures (Stan Mack). Moreover, organizational culture influences on loyalty of employees toward…show more content…
If Hyatt executive cares about employee’s welfare, he will not assign the quantity of extremely hard work that can cause dangerous and health-threatening workloads. But requite a very low wage to these hard working employees. Hyatt hotel society emphasizes on attainment of differentiated gender roles. The discrimination of gender and color of skin clearly emerges from Hyatt organization; As in this case mentioned that the majority of workers targeted for abuse by Hyatt are women, and mostly non-white people. Women often being treated like nobody and unfairness by the leader of Hyatt organization. Being a good leader to insight about the value of creating a gender neutral organization is an important matter. In other words, the application of femininity of Hoftede’s theory is proper for every organization rather than masculinity. Femininity stands for a society, in which social gender role is equal. Sexuality equality not only involve between employees relationship, but also about the way top-level management people treated to all employees equally no matter which

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